Dream. Imagine. Create.

Our mission is to instill great values and a love of creation in everyone and to provide the opportunity for all to create visually stunning content that inspires and spreads values and morality at a level that competes with the greatest films, television shows and games the world has ever seen.


Thank you for your interest in Sandman Studios Entertainment. We have been involved in the film, television and game industries for many years and have seen the clear and striking way these industries are attacking traditional values and morality. Many young people gain their understanding of what is right and wrong from the movies and television they watch, the games they play and the media that surrounds them in all areas. Many of the most successful film and game projects such as Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Thor, Spiderman, Avengers, Toy Story, Narnia, Lord of the Rings, Cinderella and many others have not needed to do this and have succeeded on a worldwide scale and in a wide demographic – parents were comfortable taking their children and grandparents enjoyed them with their grandchildren. We want this to continue. We want to promote great values and traditional morality in film and game projects which compete on these highest levels and to partner with clients who share our goals and mission.

Thank you,


Stephen Sobisky, Founder & CEO
Lee Baker, President