About Our Lead Team


Stephen Sobisky

Founder, CEO, VFX Supervisor Stephen was lighting and effects supervisor for Shrek and modeling producer for Antz. He has worked on over seventy films and over a dozen television shows in his career and has a toy collection fit for the spoiled child of a king. His dedication to perfection has kept Sandman Studios the Visual Effects and Animation company of choice for many studios and filmmakers. IMDB

Dan Katzman

Head of Physical Production / Producer Dano does it all for us and many other studios. He has been 1st Assistant Director and Produced on more films that any of us know how to count and is known for getting things done on time and under budget. He is a producer on several upcoming films and his participation as part of our team is essential. Without him on our side we would all quit or crash into a wall at full speed. IMDB

Bob Lloyd

VFX Supervisor Bob has worked on some of the most incredible films and television shows iZombie, like 24, Live Free or Die Hard and Mission Impossible III and he has even won an Emmy. His professionalism will calm tensions and if needed he can pick up his computer and create effects on the spot. IMDB

April L. Frampton

Director of PR and Marketing April is our in-house rock star and spokesperson. She is also the watchdog and protects each of us with such passion that we don’t even dare to cross her. Her talents in arranging PR and Marketing efforts have made our work with Rock the Read successful and she can get any audience to stand and roar. IMDB

Timely Support

There are always timelines on each project. We strive to understand the pressures of our clients and make it a goal to deliver on or before deadlines.

Innovative Ideas

We surround ourselves with experts in each area and provide an environment where ideas can freely generate. Creativity is central in Visual Effects, Animation and Interactive Media.

Advanced Technology

Technology is always improving and advancing. Computers and software are our tools and we love to work with the latest technologies. We now create apps and have been involved in cutting edge interactive processes for years.

Clear Communication

Communication is key to the process in our pipelines. We want to know exactly what you want and to know exactly what you want your audience to feel. The better we know these things, the more accurately we can convey your dreams.