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About Us

Sandman Studios Entertainment is a Full-Service creative agency engaged in animation, visual effects production and interactive multimedia. With the ability to deliver everything from initial concept and design to development, integration and implementation, Sandman provides high quality solutions that meet your media needs, and that work within your budget.

Sandman’s principals have worked extensively among a diverse and prominent portfolio of Entertainment, Media, Technology and Fortune 500 corporations, bringing industry-leading strategy and design together with advanced technology to create award-winning, innovative solutions across a broad range of media.

The principals at Sandman have been key providers of leading technical and creative services to the market place. The Company’s ability to provide the highest quality services from beginning to end rivals larger competitors. However, Sandman has a much lower cost structure than these larger players, and therefore, is able to deliver a significantly higher return on investment to its clients. It is this value leadership that enables the Company to successfully win accounts with its high profile clientele.

Equipped with the latest technologies and staffed with talented professionals and artists, Sandman is an attractive provider due to its ability to provide high quality solutions, while at the same time offering quick response times and reliability, at very competitive prices.

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About Our Team


Stephen Sobisky

Stephen Sobisky

Founder, VFX Supervisor Stephen was lighting and effects supervisor for Shrek and modeling producer for Antz. He has worked on over seventy films and over a dozen television shows in his career and has a toy collection fit for the spoiled child of a king. His dedication to perfection has kept Sandman Studios a leader in Interactive Media, Visual Effects and Animation as a  company of choice for many agencies, fortune 500 companies, studios and filmmakers around the world. IMDB

Dan Katzman

Dan Katzman

Head of Physical Production / Producer Dano does it all for us and many other studios. He has been 1st Assistant Director and Produced on more films that any of us know how to count and is known for getting things done on time and under budget. He is a producer on several upcoming films and his participation as part of our team is essential. Without him on our side we would all quit or crash into a wall at full speed. IMDB

Bob O'Kane

Bob O'Kane

Bob is the founder of Incubate! LLC, a business incubator, and is currently the managing director of several companies in the tech space. He has been directly responsible for developing dozens of tech platforms & applications since 1999 and also created his own patent portfolio. He brings to Sandman a deep knowledge of business strategy as well as funding, marketing & scaling companies. In his spare time, he loves helping Entrepreneurs bring new technology to market.

Michael Irish

Michael Irish

Strategic leader leveraging 20+ years of experience in healthcare, longevity, biometrics, identity, trade policy, national security and blockchain with one common aim: make decisions and investments that make the lives of people better, at scale, in a lasting manner. Proven experience as entrepreneur, market maker, inventor, CEO and thought leader for global brands. A unique ability to create and drive innovation and new market creation in emerging markets at international scale. 


It is Nice to Get Noticed

We have received many awards and appreciate the recognition. Mostly we like the idea that our clients like our work and want to work with us again. If you would like to see a list of our awards please send us a note and we will forward that to you. The greatest thing in our industry is to be asked to work on the next project and create real partnerships that continue throughout a career. Those relationships are the greatest awards we receive.


Interactive Media

Yes, we did Shrek’s website and many others… We even worked with Stephen Spielberg on his alien project “Taken.” If you have a great project and are looking to make an impression on the web we would love to help you.


Animation is our specialty. We love to work in a world where the only limitation is our imagination. We can create anything from 2D to 3D to photo real animations which will fool the most discreet viewers.

Visual Effects

We have extensive experience in creating visual effects for feature films and television and have worked with Disney, Dreamworks, Warner Brothers, ABC and many other leading studios.


We love to build games.  We created “Advent Rising” for X-Box and have made mini-games for “G.I. Joe,” “Pirates of the Carribean,” and many others. Games are an incredible and viral way to promote your project.