We have had the honor to work on such a great project like Evermore. We have helped in the development into there corporate website and provided art concepts to fill the pages with visuals that make people want to be apart of this magical world of Evermore Park www.evermorepark.com


Project Details

Client: Evermore




We have had the honor to work on such a great project like Evermore. We have helped in the development into there corporate website and provided art concepts to fill the pages with visuals that make people want to be apart of this magical world of Evermore Park www.evermorepark.com


Project Details

Client: Evermore


Outback Steak House Food Bowl

We were contracted by Red Interactive to help create a fully interactive online game. The game was to showcase selected meals and Incorporate them using the Food Bowl 3D Animated football players. We designed over 36 characters along with animation sets for each one of the characters. This was then used to create a great interactive experience for the viewers on the Outback Steak House website.


Project Details

Client: Red Entertainment

FUNN Networks

FUNN has been a part of our company for nearly 10 years. we have helped with every aspect of this project from management, development, asset creation, web development to full integration into cross platforms to help generate awareness to the end user. This project that has exciting and rewarding.


Project Details

Client: FUNN Networks

POW Entertainment

Film Roman contracted us to build a website that was to be designed to replicate a comic book. Within this context we were also asked to create a character of Stan Lee. This task was not easy but the end result was approved after the second pass from Stan Lee is himself.


Project Details

Client: POW Entertainment

Charisma Styles

Charisma Styles provides the best high-quality fashionable custom fit swimwear, while displaying individuality, and self-expression to each women who wears one. We want woman to feel empowered while retaining class and sophistication in our swimwear.


Project Details

Client: Charisma Styles

Radical Comics

Radical Publishing wanted a new website that would showcase their comic books, artwork, apparel, and properties in a way no one in the comic book industry has showcased before. We are able to complete the entire website, 3 trailers and a Radical bumper 2 months for their launch as Comic Con and San Diego.


Project Details

Client: Radical Publishing


The site needed to be very interactive and drive the viewers toward watching the TV miniseries. The site allowed the viewer to get taken into the site as if they were being abducted into the content. The site also provides a cool interactive screensaver that can be used as a portal site on the user’s computer.


Project Details

Client: SYFY Channel


DreamWorks was looking for a site that used the home page to create an experience for the user. The unique navigation and the many different Easter eggs which were hidden inside the main page as rollovers fulfilled this request. This site was one of the film sites that set a new standard and became a new foundation for entertainment websites.


Project Details

Client: DreamWorks

Stuart Little 2

Sony was looking to build a new site for the next Stuart Little which would demonstrate a more interactive experience for the user. Sony was looking for the site to tell a story that tied into the movie script. The interactive games that were created for the side were games that any age could play and enjoy.


Project Details

Client: Sony Pictures

Mouse Circus Neil Gaiman

The popular publishing company Harper Collins Children has contracted with us to create a new website for Neil Gaiman’s property The Mouse Circus. We have been asked to create a cinematic trailer for Neill’s upcoming children’s book called Graveyard Book. The style needs to be flat with black, white and gray tones throughout.


Project Details

Client: Harper Collins Children

APX Alarms

We were asked to help bring APX marketing to the next level. We developed a website that was well designed and well received from new customers wanting to find out more about the services and products APX has to offer. This was an award winning website in 2006.


Project Details

Client: APX Alarms


We were contracted to create a new website for for this new up and coming MLM company. We created a Nike like feel website along with Brand Identity along with a few corporate trailers, and 3D animated presentation for showing there process system.


Project Details

Client: 1Vizin


Toonacious wanted a site that will showcase the talent that they have in-house along with a site that would allow users to easily view and get a great appreciation for services Toonacious can provide to them. The site was completed in three weeks according to their rush schedule.


Project Details

Client: Toonacious

Universal Studios Hollywood Mummy Ride

Universal came to us and asked us to create a new look and feel for the Universal Theme Park attractions. Our main focus was to create an enticing look that can attract people to come to the park and visit the new ride Revenge of The Mummy.


Project Details

Client: Universal Studios Hollywood

Rick Dees

This site was a new venture for the company. We were working directly with one of the most recognizable radio personalities of our time. We were able to take the wackiness of the show content and roll it into a visual representation. We had the opportunity to build 4 completely flash-based web-a-sodes that are hilarious. Take a look and judge for yourself.


Project Details

Client: Rick Dees.com

iKeep Safe

iKeep Safe came to us to help provide a creative and innovative way to show kids and their parents how important internet safety is for kids or on the web. Sandman was able to team up with BYU animation and internally create a site that was informative and entertaining for the kids and there parents. This site has won a few internet awards “Best in Show”.


Project Details

Client: iKeep Safe

Infinidi Media

Infinidi Media a new vision of building a full-service entertainment, media and marketing company focused on high quality, family entertainment and e-commerce. We were able to provide them with a look that has never been created in this fashion for this type of market.


Project Details

Client: Infinidi Media


Surpha was a new company with a vision that was extremely aggressive. We were able to create an informative site that was deep in content and rich in imagery. We also created a thirty-two page corporate brochure that was translated in two different languages.


Project Details

Client: Surpha


Hallmark wanted a site that would keep people coming back for more. This site was set up to allow the user to play the many different games on the site and compete against other users across the country. The site was made to show the beautiful imaginary associated with the miniseries message of living in a world like Dinotopia.


Project Details

Client: Hallmark Entertainment

Fortress Security

We were asked to create a new brand identity for the Fortress Security & Fortress Home Entertainment systems. We developed a website that allows the customer to identify there needs in an easy navigateable website and print packets.


Project Details

Client: Fortress Security

Cheeruppet World

We were asked to re-brand and redesign all areas of the Cheeruppet World. We have developed of thirteen television scripts that are educational and entertaining for kids. We also took the existing 2D artwork and animations and turned them into a complete 3D world. Sandman developed the new interactive site with games and information for investors for the production of the television shows which are in development right now.


Project Details

Client: Cheeruppet World

Willow Ridge

Willow Ridge requested to have a fully functional site that could identify their services to new potential clients. Willow Ridge wanted a site that gave enough information to the viewer for them to have a clear understanding of the advantages of working with Willow Ridge and allow the viewer to easily make contact for financial advice.


Project Details

Client: Willow Ridge

Film Roman

We needed to create a well balanced site that represented all areas of Film Roman’s expertise. The site needed to be clean and easy to navigate. The WOW factor was what they were looking for.


Project Details

Client: Film Roman

Liken It

Liken It was looking for a new brand identity with a site that was interactive but yet informative to the consumer. Liken It wanted to have a robust back end database that would allow content to be updated with a management tool created specifically for their site. We also provided some art direction with posters and many other elements to the branding on the new Liken It brand.


Project Details

Client: Liken It

Shawn King

We were asked to create a site in about a week for this talented artist. We worked on creating an easy navigation that showcased the imagery, bio, and sample tracks to show to other record studios. As you can see the site turned out exactly as they were hoping.


Project Details

Client: Shawn King

Extreme Party Innovations

We were asked to help bring Extreme to a whole new level by creating a new brand identity along with a new corporate website and trailer. This website was to be used a fully integrated website with online booking and check out system. This was to be a very interactive and entertaining experience for the view to see all the inflatables available to the book for there upcoming event.


Project Details

Client: Extreme Party Innovations


We were asked to help bring XL411 marketing to the next level. We developed a website that was well designed and well received from new customers wanting to find out more about the services and products XL411 has to offer. We created the full brand packaging with website, logo, BU Cards, print materials, mascot created along with full size costume along with 3D animated sizzle reels for each of the brand sponsored events and products.


Project Details

Client: XL411

Estates West Magazine

We created the frontend and the backend of this site. This website was to showcase properties that are available to purchase. The site was also created to be an extension to the Estates West Magazine that is distributed throughout most of the US.


Project Details

Client: Estates West Magazine


We were asked to create a website that was to be used to show case our client’s services and model collections they sell. The site was to showcase different aspects of their business and to show their portfolio of work.


Project Details

Client: Meshwerks

Isys Technologies

Isys came to us to help them demonstrate how to represent their new products to the consumer. We created a script as well as all the 3D assets and motion graphics that went along with the DVD presentation and websites we built. The final product was twenty two minutes in duration which we boarded and directed the entire projects from beginning to end.


Project Details

Client: Isys Technologies

Single Point

We were asked to create a presentation on DVD that will describe to a user the functions and capabilities of the Single Point set top box. We used many 3D models of the product and integrated them with images and content that explains the product. This was a Bronze Telly Award Winner in 2007.


Project Details

Client: Single Point

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