July 29th, 2008


In 2008 a new comic book publishing company burst into the direct market. Now six months later Radical Comics continues to grow and flourish.Founded by Barry Levine, David Elliott, Jesse Berger, and Matthew Berger, Radical Comics has shown great potential by not saturating the market and by making an impact with each new release. Radical Comics has demonstrated that it’s not the typical comic book publishing company in producing lackluster titles. In fact each title that Radical Comics has fashioned has quality in print, story, and art.

Future Titles Include: City of Dust (written by Steve Niles)
The year is 2166. Since the 20th century the entire world has collapsed. Records show the Earth we know was consumed by religious wars and rebuilt from the ruins of the old world right on top of their prior foundations into a dark global metropolis. There is no religion. It was made illegal for everybody’s safety as were Fairy Tales, Science Fiction, Horror or anything else from the imagination. This is the real world and the powers that be intend to keep it that way.

Aladdin is the story of a young man whose dreams of traveling the world become a reality and he soon realizes he should be more careful what he wishes for. After his father is murdered by the dark magician Maugrah, Aladdin is tricked into opening a secret cave to find a magic lamp. Soon realizing he was fooled he quickly discovers how to use the magic lamp for his own means. But the magician is not going to give up easily and steals not only the lamp but the princess that Aladdin has fallen in love with. The only hope he has to find the magician and retrieve the lamp is by enlisting the help of a greedy, ambitious pirate called Sinbad. Aladdin can only hope that the hotheaded Sinbad will keep his word to captain his motley crew across the sea halfway around the world to darkest Africa and help him defeat the magician and the genie of the lamp.

Radical publishing has many divisions of its entity. Radical owns and manages four areas of operation: Radical Comics, Radical Books, Radical Art and Radical Kidz. Radical Comics is the creator and publisher of comic books, Radical Books is the creator and publisher of original and hybrid graphic novels, Radical Art is the creator and publisher of large-format art books featuring the top artists in the world, and Radical Kidz is a brand focused on manufacturing intellectual property orientated for the youth marketplace.

Recently at the San Diego Comic Con, Radical Comics spotlighted a new refreshing website showcasing comics, previews, product information and merchandise purchasing. Everything has been thought of from user-friendly navigation to interactivity. It’s looking to set the standard of new website design.

About Radical Publishing
Radical Publishing is founded by BARRY LEVINE (Producer for Rogue Pictures’ BLOOD ON THE TRACKS, Executive Producer for the in development Warner Brothers’ REX MUNDI movie, written by JIM UHLS, starring JOHNNY DEPP and Universal Pictures’ R.I.P.D), his protégé JESSE BERGER, and longtime writer/publisher DAVID ELLIOTT (Atomeka Press and Tundra Publishing).

Radical Publishing is bringing the best in writing, storytelling and fully-painted cover and interior artwork to the global comic book market by prominent international talents such as YOSHITAKA AMANO, JOHN BOLTON, LUIS ROYO, JIM STERANKO, STEVE NILES, IAN EDGINTON, STEVE MOORE, SAM SARKAR, STJEPAN SEJIC, DAVE WILKINS, STEVE PUGH, JAMES HEFFRON, TOMM COKER, CLAYTON CRAIN, BILL SIENKIEWICZ, WETA WORKSHOP, IMAGINARY FRIENDS STUDIOS, and many more.