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Tiger Island Franchise

For ten years TIGER ISLAND FRANCHISE has worked with Sandman Studios in developing our brand and images for our presentation to our potential investors and social media. It is because of the contribution and professional input and images created by Sandman Studios that we celebrate our success in acquiring funding for our franchise productions. We further celebrate the participation of Sandman Studios throughout the entire productions of our films. Thank you Sandman (Stephen Sobisky) for your creative gifts in making all this possible.  Dave A. Adams – Executive Director – AdamStone Entertainment, LLC

“Since 2019, Stephen and his team have been a tremendous asset to our nonprofit organization, Honor365. As a result of their excellent services and support, Honor365 has been able to turn dreams into a reality as it relates to website design and management, SEO support, and filming/drone production for multiple projects. Sandman Studios has the amazing ability to take thoughts and ideas and create products based on the customer’s needs and desires.

The Sandman Studios team have hearts of gold and have deep empathy for the work we do. They have supported Honor365 in their mission and vision from the very start, of which we are grateful for all that they do to support veterans, first responders, and their families.”  –Ninzel Rasmuson- Founder/Executive Director Honor365

Fuel Labz

 I would refer Stephen to anyone as a friend and professional colleague. His experience in Hollywood with major studios shines through his artistic eye and craftsmanship and he works fast to meet deadlines.  If you want high impact  and ROI, the “ Bisket” is “the man” .  Thank you and continued success my friend! –Paul

Liberty James

The team at Sandman Studios have been nothing short of amazing in developing logo, branding, and Website creation. In addition the prompt service and forward looking focus has helped launched Liberty James as a fast growing and satisfying endeavor.

Concept and design services are second to none and the team led by Stephen Sobisky is competent and responsive. Excellent execution and value. You won’t be disappointed. Give them a try.  –Liberty James

Vivacitas Healthcare

Sandman is one of the most professional organizations that I’ve ever had the pleasure and privilege of working with. From top to bottom, left to right it’s one of the most accomplished studios that I’ve ever had the privilege of working with Anybody who engages with Sandman and with the CEO Stephen Sobisky will learn quickly how much value they create in an astonishing time under budget ! Consistently over delivering! Sandman has helped our company tremendously!  –Michael CEO

Ascend Shared Housing

We recently setup two new websites for our non-profits with Sandman Studios. Stephen was amazing to work with and was extremely professional. He provided a clear outline of the design and website development process. Additionally, he set clear and realistic expectations of the overall process that resulted in a very pleasant experience.  –Justin CEO


Though this has become one of the larger endeavors we’ve attempted together, it has also become one of the most challenging. But the critical thing to remember is that neither of us, along with all the other wonderful, strong leaders that have joined our efforts herein, have given up. As they say, we seem to have what it takes to stay the course. You are a great example to me and others, and I just wanted to let others know that about you. Thank you, Stephen.  –Dennis CEO/Founder

Tribe Angels Utah

“I have been really fortunate to be introduced to Sandman Studios by a close friend and trusted partner. He introduced me to Stephen and I can honestly say that his body of work for my companies has been top shelf for multiple logo and brand development, websites, marketing collateral and telling our story and value prop. –Paul- Founder/CEO


Stephen’s years of experience in the movie industry as well as the creation of hundreds of websites were very apparent through every step of the process.

We are very pleased with the amazing sites that he developed for us and are very grateful for his energy and passion that he put into the collaborative development of our new websites. –Justin

C-it Entertainment

Stephen, I have enjoyed working with you for the last “umteen” years. The many travels embarked on and projects we have thrown onto our tables over these 15 to 16 years to bring the LUNDON’S BRIDGE Franchise to where it is have been the most challenging and exciting things I have ever embarked on. The many wonderful people we have met along the way, not to mention some that are not so wonderful, have all impacted our state of being. You’ve been consistent and loyal to our causes through it all. For that, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. As we enter these new stages in our efforts, may we continue to be the friends and partners we are cut out to be. — Dennis Founder/CEO

Dew Crew Books

I have been lucky to work with Stephen Sobisky, from Sandman Studios, for the past ten years on three different projects. He has been easy to work with and always wants me to be happy with what he does for me. I can be very picky about my Dew Crew Books project and he remains polite and very professional as we work through the details together. His main objective is to put out the best product for me, which is why I keep returning to Sandman Studios. I trust the work they do for me. –Jenny Dew President of Dew Crew Books

Ohana First Foundation

Stephen was absolutely wonderful to collaborate with in the development of the site. He knew and understood all of the various nuances that went into creating an exceptional site from branding to logo design, selection of fonts, and color schemes, as well as the overall image we were trying to project to our prospective audience.

Some of these elements could be viewed as simple or in inconsequential design elements, but in reality, they were so critical in delivering a quality and high-end website. He took nothing for granted and invested the time to deliver the very best results. — Justin & Donna Partners

The South Salt Lake Police Honorary Colonels

We appreciate the work Sandman Studios has done for our organization. The South Salt Lake Police Honorary Colonels is an organization comprised of residents and business owners who want to support law enforcement and our local police department.

We had a somewhat serviceable website for a couple years, but Sandman Studios helped us get to the next level by revamping our site and giving it a more professional look with additional features that has attracted new members to our organization. They have also been very helpful in maintaining our site and helping us accomplish our goals. –Sean, Chair

Collective Recovery, Inc.

I was referred to Stephen by a friend and he was happy to talk to me. We worked on our website project together while keeping all the priorities in view. The finished product was awesome, and I would recommend Stephen to anyone looking for a solid marketing experience. –Chris, CEO/Founder

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